BT Storytellers: The Art of Sport

A Fun edit of the Olympic Stadium as taken from the View Tube.

Q: What do you get when you mix a trip to  the Olympic Park, One Internationally renowned artist and several amateur artists (and wanna-be artists in my case) in a room for Three Hours?

A: A Brilliant afternoon filled with laughs, charcoal, watercolours, paint and a renewed love of the visual arts!  (Along with quite a few pieces of artwork which could even be passable as proper art!)

What an exciting time we had in the first floor classroom at the View Tube, overlooking the Olympic Park.  BT Storytellers organizers struck gold again when they put together another fantastic event to involve many of the Storytellers and give us an opportunity to not only visit the Olympic Park, but also to be involved in one of the most mentally stimulating arts workshops that I’ve had the opportunity to  attend in years.

Left: Jeremy discusses his work and the plan for the day. Right: Jeremy critiques one artist's work resulting from the workshop.

Jeremy Houghton, a world-renowned artist and one of BT’s select Art of Sports Artists (please check out his site) works in several paint mediums, but does much of his work in oil.  For the Art of Sport project he has done a lot of beautiful work in watercolour.  You can see many of his paintings of Olympic athletes and Paralympians in the galleries here.  Mr Houghton was a  fantastic instructor and really inspired all of us to do the best work that we could do, most of working from scratch (artistically speaking).  He was so great to work with and made the 5 hours on the train totally worth it!!

I’d like to share some of the works with you from the day (both mine and those of others in the group) and some shots of a few of the Storytellers in front of the Olympic Stadium. There may even be a photo or two of yours truly thrown in (for a change).

Left: Nina Duttaroy, BT Storyteller, Videographer Center: Roderick Gold, Student and Photographer Right: Sally Murfitt, BT Storyteller, Social Networker

Some of the pieces resulting from the workshop. My watercolour is at the top, a representation of Lee Pearson, 9 time gold medal winning Paralympic Equestrian.

Have a great day and thanks for stopping by!  :)

Left: Myself and the workshop leader, Artist Jeremy Houghton. Right: Ok, it just wouldn't be my blog without a photo of me with a silly grin. In front of the Olympic stadium.

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